Monday, February 4, 2013

THIS is the biggest news you will hear, and you thought nothing happened in 2012, well looky heeeeeeere!
OPPT: One Peoples Public Trust

Post this link far and wide because the original One People's Trust
 site was removed tonight.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

My dare this day is for you to be yourself no matter what. Have kids? Then play with them, for they shall sureley be your teachers. The big challenge is to not care what anyone else thinks...

Friday, August 10, 2012

How to Handle the Coming Changes.

I lost my blog to cyberspace there for a few days! Sorry for the lapse!

From my perspective, our earth has been so ravaged that our first priority would be to honor her, feel her, thank her. Say sorry on behalf of the perpetrators.

I have decided not to get all wrapped up in being pure enough to ascend and I love this earth way too much to jump on a spaceship and fly away from her as some might think is an option.

Every day is different, let every day be different. If you are tired sleep, take a day off work and suck up the monetary loss. If you are self employed and on your path, you will be taken care of by the universe.

Most of all don't worry, these are terribly trying times, try to live as if you have everything you need even if there are big expenses like repairs or health expenses that need to be taken care of.

It feels to me that humanity is in a holding pattern, so hold yourself. Master your fears. We are all in this together.

Just remember, no matter what happens you never die, you are energy and energy just transitions. We are infinite beings.

So follow your heart, listen to your heart, the world is changing fast, so fast that there are no intellectual solutions anymore. Your heart can think faster than the speed of light, thus allowing you to act from your heart at double warp speed.

But mostly there is NOTHING wrong with you, you are just on your journey. I am not talking about abusive people here. There is something wrong with you if you are hurtful towards others and you must get help. SO, that said, there is nothing wrong with you if you do no harm to anyone else.

Just stay calm and go with the flow, imagine your best possible outcome at all times. Whatever you do, don't manufacture drama, stay as calm as you can no matter the situation. This will always help you.

This world can be so much better than it is, be a part of cocreating this new world. We all feel it coming even if we don't say anything. The old ways are falling like dominoes, opening a path for you to traverse with your unique way of being on this planet, ultimately for the enhancement of our home, earth.

Even if a great tradgedy were to occur tomorrow such as a tsunami or a false flag attack, you do not need to put yourself into that reality. Let that reality be, feel the empathy for those afflicted but know ultimately that it is not your reality. You have a life to live, if you don't live it to its fullest extent you may as well be dead.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

My Favorite Ice Cream Flavor

A friend of mine posed a question about Drake and answered with an excerpt from SaLuSa today and my response ended up being my blog post for today.

I would say the mind games of catasrophe are coming mostly from the PTB camp, (powers that be), as they have the most to lose. The problem for them is that we are just not buying their scare tactics anymore, from diaper bombs to Bio-threats under the guise of ANY "ism" anymore. Order out of chaos is their favorite ice-cream flavor, they love to dish it up at all their "Partys".

It seems that people have realized that there are quite a few other flavors to choose from that appeal to many different palettes but the ultimate goal is to end up with a flavor that taste's just right.

 Drake, for instance is the "Git her done" motley crew trying to bring his listening faction around to be more loving, to entertain the notion of ET's as more than just poppycock and actually NOT to entice people to run around ready to use a gun and cause self rightous mayhem, but rather use a gentle force or threat against those who are doing the governments bidding to wreck the infrastructure such as cell phone towers etc. 

David Wilcock is the Drake for the more nuanced LA holistic spiritual faction, more intellectual type whistleblower enthusiasts in the bona fide credentials camp and Fulford is the Drake for the International espionage conspiracy element. 

There are players for all the layers! To some vigilante justice with guns IS the new paradigm, depends where one is on one's journey through space and time.

Why do 30,000 people tune in to Kauilipeles blog? Because his selection of "worthy" writings covers the gambit of all factions craving a new way. We all crave change like water that quenches a dry, desert thirst. We want the new energy technologies released, which ties in with the ET factor, we want to spend less time working to pay the banksters so that we can enjoy our lives, we want a better quality of life and we know who is responsible for our suffering and we all want them taken out NOW, in whatever manner nessecary.

Everyone knows something is up and its interelated with dire economic, environmental and sub standard of living levels we are all struggling through. I choose to pass no judgement on any one faction or their choice of ice-cream flavor. Each to their own, we all have had a severely limiting education that has rendered our brains incontinent.
We want to be able to do more than just spew the same old shit anymore.

So much is happening so fast as time speeds up, we don't know whether told hold on tight and enjoy the ride or jump off now and just observe it. The unknown is scary.

So to the question posed in reference to SaLu Sa's statement: ,

"I haven't read all of this yet, but I like the paragraph below. I just can not stomach the "git yer guns" mentality of Drake, though I have not followed him too in-depth. I think everyone has a piece of the puzzle, but the vigilante justice is not what I had in mind for the new paradigm. I have not been able to keep up with all the "behind the veil" developments, but I know that I do need to meditate!!!!!"
The continuing to play mind games of "catastrophe", "all is going to hell in a hand basket", "so and so is the devil, even though they look good on the outside", "better get your guns ready, because they're gonna come getcha," and all things like that, serves no purpose, and will not even work, in this current energy of the planet.

This person answered their own question so succinctly by coming to the realisation that you need to meditate, in other words its a battle for consciousness. as long as we each take responsibility for our own resonance, the resonance of the planet stays calm and voila, no floods, rising sea levels and drastic pole shifts.
Ultimately its up to us. We collectively have the power to shape the outcome we desire and that is mostly peace, health and abundance without greed.

The difference here with all these various factions purporting almost the same thing on different levels is that "Be the change you wish to see, and "You are the one youv'e been waiting for" are gently moving into, WE must be the change we want to see TOGETHER, which is another essay in itself.

Thanks for your illuminating and succinct selection of one question and one excerpt from miles of interveiws to allow this conclusion.
What part of pain do you not understand? We all feel pain, we all want change, I think its as simple as that.No judgements.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Take Back Yourself

When you dare to look in the mirror how closely do you look?

Do you pass by the blemishes to focus on the better parts or do you face up to the obvious changes your body is screaming for you to make?

When you look in the mirror of your soul, how closely do you look?

Could you honestly say that you have done the best at living your unique purpose in life, despite the challenges?

When you look in the mirror at the elements in your life that are affecting you away from your true self rather than toward your true self, how closely are you willing to recognize those elements?

How honest can you be about how damaged you are by being consciously unconscious?

Are you willing to be a scholar of life every day and learn something new or are you stuck in the place of distraction from yourself filling your mind with meaningless activities that do nothing to enhance your soul, your spirit for life and your enthusiasm to evolve as a human?

Listen to yourself, only you can know your own truth. You just have to have the strength to face up to it and do something creative to make it work. You may have to use a little more of your brain than you are used to using.

There are  more important things to beat ourselves up about than what people may think if we didn't do this or didn't do that just yet, life is not a chirade about how good we appear to be, it is a real life about how good we are to ourselves, when we meet the innermost needs of our souls, which is fast becoming a luxury, we can meet the needs of those around us who require our love and skills.

Which brings us to Mother Earth...

We are all a reflection of our mother earth and only once we have taken our selves back, can we even begin to take back our planet.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

I, Pet Goat, going Viral...

I, Pet Goat II The Movie

You have to watch this short film frame by frame just to catch all the symbolism.

And it is jam packed, from the UPC code bar on the Goat's Head to the fire in the Christ's eyes at the end. Is it a warning of the Anti-Christ about to be fobbed on us, or is it Illuminati based propaganda? 

It is so slick that there is no doubt a lot of time, headhunting for the best creative minds and of course money is most evident. I can't tell if its a case of hidden in plain sight or a genuine warning to all of us as to what the last decade has reaped and what is about to be culminated, culled, called up as a result of this decade of HIS Story?

I, Pet Goat II clearly starts out with the emblem of 911 being Bush seemingly absorbed in reading "My Pet Goat" with a student at the time of the fateful event, his book is noticeably upside down and he is very distracted.

After the goat has introduced us, we see some puppet hands, clearly in the regalia of red and black, the colors of the illuminati, puppeteering what seems to be a very drowsy Bush who then suddenly wakes up and starts doing "their" dance. Remember the silly dance he did on the steps of the Whitehouse? So he is being mind controlled, that is crystal clear, he then slinks into a chair in front of a blackboard that is just loaded with symbolism! An ejaculating penis in the shape of a missile arches over his head and a hangman game with the word evolution is in progress. 

In the general area of the blackboard are other symbols such as the six pointed star inside a snow flake and the darling symbol of Bilderberg fame, the owl. Bush then starts saying his famous quote about not being fooled again and mangling it so badly as his head spins and he repeats over and over "Can't get fooled agin" as he morphs into Obama the slick grad, with the slick smile insinuating that we have indeed been fooled again!

The clock above the blackboard reads 12 0' clock and there is a picture of the atom being split beneath the chalk board. An innocent beautiful blonde girl, surrounded by odd grey beings, either aliens or purely left brain transhuman children, sits before Obama with an apple that she lets roll toward Obama's feet. The apple splits open and two entwining stems grow to produce a lotus right under his eyes whereby he is seen to sweat profusely at the beauty of the flower. It is as if this beauty is a threat to him somehow. Scares him?

We now roll out of the classroom scene into a stormy wintery ice age where the rest of the movie will take place. Perhaps this could be indicative of melting ice caps? Here we see two strange "organic" shaped towers begin to crumble and implode producing the same cloudscape we saw in real life when the towers fell, as we pan away we see a suicidal man throw himself into the icy sea echoing the suicides when the Twin Towers became so unbearable that people were forced to jump.

It is here that Christ enters, he is standing wearily upright and clearly exhausted with his eyes closed as his gondola with devil's head magically courses its way through the mayhem.
Absolutely diagonal to Christ comes an Osama Bin Laden boatload complete with Al Queda at which the scene morphs into oil pumps and spills black crude into the pristine icy waters, think Gulf oil spill.

We then fly directly over Lady liberty aerial style and see her hand a fetus inside an egg over to a serpentine creature. I have no idea what this means, perhaps that our DNA is being altered by those in power, because the Lady Liberty has deep roots in French Masonry and was a gift to the US from France?

It seems as if this one eyed TV serpent is taking the egg/fetus from her? Are all our fates in the hands of reptillians? As Christ's gondola moves ever forward in the misty icy landscape the bow of his boat is emphasised with the head of what looks like a very stylized Baphomet, the infamous goat worshipped by the Illuminati. Christ has the pyramid, the suns rays AND the all seeing eye drawn on his forehead, ie the mark of the beast ie the anti-christ. You get the picture! 

Most disturbing is the old woman who lives in tower which looks all the world like a giant penis to me, whose panties we get a glance of with blood on them that quickly disappears, I have NO idea what that was all about! If anyone has any ideas please let me know! There is also a young girl with no brains who has been poisoned by drugs, maybe read big pharma and it is in here that TV serpentine seems to nest.

There is also another revolutionary young  girl who tries to stop a cavalcade of tanks reminiscent of Teinaman Square, but to no avail. All this goes on while Christ's gondola slithers by all the mayhem toward the light, where he finally opens his eyes and we see they are reflecting the flames of the sun as he stands unmoved by the fact that he is standing in a fire in his boat, he is above pain, is he the anti-christ?
Most telling is at the very end where there is "The Dawning of a New Day" scene which people will recognise as the famous lines of many a great leader/orater, heralding in a "New Age or Order". 
Overall the most compelling and disturbing animation I have seen in a long long time. just watch, there is going to be a big outcry about this! In this movie there IS no Taking Back the Planet, the planet has clearly been taken over.

For a different analysis and further insights, go here:  I personally would like to hear from the creators of this movie!

Official Description:
A story about the fire at the heart of suffering. 
Bringing together dancers, musicians, visual artists and 3d animators, the film takes a critical look at the events of the past decade that have shaped our world.
Main softwares used: Maya, Vray, FumeFX, RealFlow
Download the wallpapers on our site.
Original soundtrack "the Stream", written and performed by Tanuki Project.

Friday, July 6, 2012


Did you know that there has been a movement afoot to oust the Dark Cabal since 1979?

Today I received an article that stated that "The Pentagon wants this to go Viral! Following is a smattering of excerpts...

"What Americans have not known is 
that a huge operation is about to take 
place in the United States. In order to
comprehend why we have heard nothing 
of this event, we must understand that 
the major newspaper and television media 
is very tightly controlled by the dark cabal 
or Illuminati.  It is the Illuminati who intend 
to establish the New World Order by 
killing off huge segments of the planet’s 
population and enslaving the rest... 

...In order to prepare the American 
people, the Pentagon recently asked a 
former Vietnam veteran who has been 
involved in the legal preparations to go 
on the radio and internet and explain 
what is about to happen.  This veteran is 
going by the name of ‘Drake’... 

...The below YouTube is an interview of 
Drake by David Wilcock, who also has 
high level insider information. 
David Wilcock’s website –  here you may 
find a series of very important and 
explosive articles mentioned in the 
                                                                               interview.  These articles offer you an 
                                                                               excellent background for what is about 
                                                                               to happen."

Here is the link to the PDF they sent out and following that is a PDF of the papers that were filed in the Hague back in February of this year for the States to secede from The American Corporate Government.


Papers filed at the Hague

So the notion of Taking Back the Planet seems to be materialising! Here is the link to the Drake archives and related content that I have been collecting since April 2012...Everything Drake

And this just in regarding Phoenix today!
An initiative that would allow voters to overule federal law!